Where to use your branded link – A complete guide

You can use your branded link across online and offline channels. It is one of the best ways to stand out from your competitors, establish a strong brand presence and create a higher recall value for your brand name. Learn where, why, and how you should use a branded link.

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Did you know that over 10,000 people visit Instagram profiles with 1K+ followers every month? Maximize your brand's recall among customers by using your branded link on your profile. (Flick)

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Social Media Posts

A staggering 54% of Instagram users buy products by viewing Instagram posts. Add your branded link on your Instagram content for a direct path to explore and purchase your products. (Meta)

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Social Media Stories

With 70% of Instagram users checking Stories daily, adding your branded link to your Stories can be a game-changer to drive more traffic to your store. (Instagram)

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DM & Comments

Did you know that 150 million users use DMs to talk to businesses every month? Include your branded link in your DMs and comments to provide quick access to your products or services. (Instagram)

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Research indicates that 44% of consumers visit a brand's webpage from product packaging. Engage customers and drive traffic by adding your branded link to this prime real estate. (Packaging Digest)

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Business Cards

A whopping 72% of people believe that small businesses with their own branded link are more credible. Inspire trust among potential customers with your branded link on your business cards. (Radix)

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Online Communities

Branded links are 60% more trustworthy to online shoppers than marketplace links. Win customer trust by promoting your branded link on online communities, groups, and forums. (Radix)

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Physical Banners

Did you know that 46% of people take action, like visiting a link, after seeing an out-of-home ad. Create an easy way for others to visit your store with a branded link on your physical banners. (Outdoor Ad Association of America)

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Email Signature

Research shows that 60% of customers correlate the quality of a business's products to its signage. Turn your email signature into a powerful marketing tool by adding your branded link. (Signarama)

Use branded links with customers now for more clicks and conversions