2024 Top Etsy Sellers Report by Link.Store

We analysed Top 100 Etsy Sellers by volume of all time and here are some insights for your inspiration. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the complete list and insights.

Top Etsy Seller Report by www.link.store

Is the Star Seller status really important?

If you thought 100% of Top Etsy Sellers would have a Star seller status, you are wrong. A compelling 66.7% of top Etsy sellers are designated as ‘Star Sellers,’ but it is still not 100%. The Star Seller badge is more than just a mark of prestige; it’s a reflection of a seller’s dedication to superior customer service and consistent product quality. Attaining this status requires meeting Etsy’s stringent criteria, including excellence in customer interactions, prompt shipping, and garnering positive feedback.

This high proportion of Star Sellers among the top echelons indicates that customer satisfaction is not just a goal but a cornerstone of success. It highlights that for Etsy sellers aiming to thrive, achieving and maintaining the Star Seller status could be a significant factor to rank higher but it is not what will make or break your Etsy business.


What should your Etsy Announcement section include?

Analyzing 100 successful Etsy stores reveals crucial themes for your announcement section. Efficient and clear shipping policies are paramount. Incorporating promotions and discounts can significantly attract customers. Highlighting product uniqueness and customization options caters to consumer desires for personalized items. While newsletters are less common, they are effective for customer engagement. Embracing these elements in your announcement section can enhance customer experience and strengthen your store’s presence on Etsy.


More insights from Announcements:

  • Express Gratitude: “Thank you” is frequently used, indicating the importance of showing appreciation to customers. This can foster goodwill and customer loyalty.
  • Focus on Handmade and Artisan Quality: “Handmade” is mentioned, implying that customers value artisanal, handcrafted products.
  • Emphasize Customer Service Policies: Mention of “return policy” indicates the importance of clear, customer-friendly policies.


Which external links do Top Sellers have in their Etsy storefront?

The summary table below shows the percentage of sellers who have linked various types of social media or a “shop website” in their profiles:

URL Type Percentage (%)
Facebook URL 60.42
Instagram URL 60.42
Website URL 46.88
Pinterest URL 32.29
Twitter URL 13.54

From this analysis, we can observe that:

  • Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms, with 60.42% of sellers having linked to these sites. This suggests a high importance placed on visual content and social media engagement.
  • A significant number of sellers (46.88%) also have a dedicated “shop website”, indicating a preference for having a separate, personalized online storefront.
  • Pinterest, known for its visual appeal, is used by 32.29% of sellers, which aligns with the nature of a marketplace that often includes handmade, unique, or visually appealing products.
  • Twitter, though less popular (13.54%), is still used as a platform for engagement, likely for its ability to quickly share updates and interact with customers.

These insights can help small sellers in understanding the importance of various digital platforms for marketing and customer engagement. ​


What are Top Sellers addressing in the FAQ section?

  1. Are there any active coupon codes currently available?
  2. Is there a way to track my order after it has been shipped?
  3. What should I do if my order doesn’t arrive within the estimated delivery timeframe?
  4. What are the dimensions of the stickers and how many stickers are there on one sheet?
  5. Is it possible for me to request a custom order for items not currently available in your shop?
  6. Is it possible to combine multiple discount codes in a single order?
  7. What is the procedure if I receive an item that is damaged or incorrect?
  8. What is the expected delivery time for my order?
  9. Why is there a discrepancy between the amount I paid for shipping and the actual postage cost?
  10. Can you consolidate multiple orders into one shipment to reduce shipping costs?
  11. Could you provide care instructions for your products?
  12. Do you offer wholesale pricing or have products available for wholesale purchase?
  13. Do you provide gift wrapping and special packaging services?
  14. What kind of warranty do you offer on your products?
  15. How quickly do you typically ship an order after it has been placed?
  16. How can I reserve an item to ensure it’s not sold before I have a chance to purchase it?
  17. Is there an option to resize the bracelets you sell?
  18. In what manner are your seeds packaged for shipping?
  19. Do you provide instructions on how to grow the seeds you sell?
  20. Are your products available for international shipping?


How many FAQs do they mention?

Top Etsy sellers typically mention an average of 6 FAQs in their storefronts, with a range from 0 to 14 FAQs. Notably, 90% of these successful sellers fall within the 5-7 FAQ range, showcasing their ability to provide comprehensive information while maintaining customer engagement and trust.


How many Instagram followers do Top Sellers have?

Here is the histogram representing the number of followers of the top Etsy sellers. The histogram provides a visual representation of the distribution of follower counts, with the number of followers on the x-axis and the frequency of each range of follower counts on the y-axis. The follower count ranges from a low of 40 to a high of 497,000. There’s a wide variability in follower counts, indicating different levels of social media influence and engagement among Etsy sellers.


What do Top Etsy seller have in their Instagram bio?

  • Content Focus: Many bios highlight unique selling propositions (USPs), such as personalized jewelry, handmade products, eco-friendly materials, and woman-owned businesses. This reflects a focus on niche markets and personalization.
  • Engagement Strategies: Several bios use engagement strategies like hashtags (e.g., #spoonflower, #gldntogether) to increase visibility and community engagement.
  • Call to Action: Many profiles include a direct call to action, like “Discover your next favorite design” or “Check our stores,” guiding potential customers to their Etsy shops or specific product lines.
  • Additional Elements: Some bios mention additional elements like sustainability, business location, and specific product categories (e.g., crystals, stationery, toys), which help in targeting specific customer segments.


What External Links Do Top Etsy Sellers Use?

Despite their extensive experience and global recognition as top sellers, a mere 30% of sellers maintain personal websites. For those who do not utilize websites, what external links are they incorporating into their Instagram profiles?

Surprisingly, the preferred choice among these sellers is to direct their Instagram audience straight to their Etsy shops, bypassing the use of link-in-bio tools like Linktree. This choice underscores the concern of potential drop-offs when employing such tools. Furthermore, a significant number of sellers have embraced branded links, which have proven to garner 48% more clicks and provide customers with direct access to their Etsy storefronts.


How many shop members listed?

On average, there are approximately 3.31 shop members listed per shop. This indicates that most shops on this platform tend to have small teams, often consisting of a few individuals collaborating or contributing to the business. ​


How many items are they selling?

The statistical analysis of item listings in top Etsy sellers’ stores reveals a diverse number of items listed. The average number of listings is about 4870 items, but this figure is influenced by stores with very large listings. The median listing count is 3196, suggesting that half of the top sellers list more than this number and half less. The number of listings vary greatly, from as few as 112 items to as many as 32297 items, highlighting the different business approaches among these top sellers – some opt for extensive, varied catalogs, while others focus on more specialized, smaller collections.


How many sellers offer Custom Order requests?

46% and that’s a huge number signaling how important custom orders still are even for the high volume sellers.


How many reviews do Top Sellers have as a percentage of sales volume?

The review percentages for top Etsy sellers’ sales show an average feedback rate of 16.04%, with a median closely aligned at 16%.


List of Top Etsy Sellers

Store name Location Sales Volume Star Seller Owner Name
CaitlynMinimalist LA, California 2710985 Yes Kate Kim
PlannerKate1 Oak Harbor, Ohio 1976277 No Kate Antesberger
Beadboat1 Dallas, Texas 1916018 Yes Katy
ModParty Tustin, California 1766739 Yes ModParty
yakutum Istanbul, Türkiye 1145322 Yes yakutum
Spoonflower Durham, North Carolina 1047207 Yes spoonflower
SilverRainSilver Scotland, United Kingdom 982877 No Emma and the CS team
PeggySueAlso Tacoma, Washington 951233 Yes PeggySueAlso Leather
HappyKawaiiSupplies Kansas City, Missouri 946961 No Rain
HeatherRobertsArt San Antonio, Texas 922414 Yes Heather Roberts
nicoledebruin Stockport, United Kingdom 915208 No Nicole de Bruin
Worldincensestore Florida, United States 913774 Yes Jane, Brian and Sam Roberts
DOMEDBAZAAR Yiwu, China 864078 Yes Minjuan Rong
AZsupplies Istanbul, Türkiye 864029 Yes Bilal
ilovelotus Draper, Utah 842298 No Lotus
DesignInYourHeart Seoul, South Korea 840309 Yes DesignInYourheart
DigitalCurio Roseville, California 810770 Yes Kate Rose
SeedGeeks St Louis, Missouri 789493 Yes seedgeeks
MignonandMignon 764652 Yes Dohee Lee
NewMoonBeginnings Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 754075 Yes New Moon Beginnings
UrbanEnV Jacksonville, Florida 741031 Yes Urban EnV
LorettasBeads Athol, Idaho 724211 Yes Loretta Mazzo
ThinkPinkBows Orem, Utah 710003 Yes Think Pink
PrincessBeadSupply Newton, Kansas 699179 Yes Jamie
elevado Toronto, Canada 693631 Yes Erika
TwistStationery England, United Kingdom 693153 Yes Twist Stationery
yadanabeads Tracy, California 688841 No yadanabeads
MyPorchPrints United States 688702 Yes Stephanie and Ben
CreatingUnkamen Fulton, Missouri 672817 Yes Karen Helmrich
BusyPuzzle Ukraine 669483 No Julia
BlingeeThingee 634392 Yes christy
CrcbeadsShop Fontana, California 626800 Yes CRC Beads
happysupplies Hong Kong 621949 Yes happysupplies
jewelersparadise Canoga Park, California 605202 Yes Simona
JLDreamWorks Easton, Pennsylvania 604553 No JL DreamWorks
YourWeddingPlace 593837 Yes Kristina
clbeads Yiwu, China 583593 Yes CLBeads
stonesdirect Austin, Texas 581131 Yes stonesdirect
WarungBeads Chino Hills, California 579319 Yes Luis
BeachCocoShop LA, California 574849 No Burr
BeWellGroup LA, California 573834 Yes Sophie
GLDNxLayeredAndLong La Conner, Washington 573819 Yes Chrissy and the GLDN Team
CaliQuiltCo Rancho Cordova, California 573011 No Tayva and Joe
BobbisCutters Halstead, Kansas 568522 Yes Bobbi Barton
EverlyGrayce Russellville, Alabama 557429 Yes Everly Grayce
SouthernSeedExchange Frisco, Texas 555763 Yes Ryan
ArteBellaSurplus Santa Maria, California 555054 Yes Karen
yummytreasures Pittsfield, Massachusetts 554488 Yes Yummy Treasures
PixelPerfectionParty United Kingdom 547549 Yes Pixel Perfection Party
FabricUtopia Goshen, Indiana 541648 Yes Chris and Sandy
DayBeads Houston, Texas 531360 Yes Day Beads
beadsmaker Seoul, South Korea 530075 No beadsmaker
GoldSwan Anaheim, California 529341 No GoldSwan
hooraydays London, United Kingdom 526007 No hooray days
PersonalizationMall Burr Ridge, Illinois 517371 No Personalization Mall
PipSupply Buford, Georgia 514952 No Pip Supply
pintsizedapparelshop Albany, New York 513220 Yes Pint Sized Apparel
Prettygrafikdesign California, United States 510367 No Prettygrafik Design
Up2ournecksinfabric East Providence, Rhode Island 505126 Yes Heather and Nicole
SewSweetParadise Henderson, Nevada 500180 Yes Alice and Randall Hebert
zipit Plymouth, Wisconsin 495510 Yes Zipit Zippers
GemMartUSA San Jose, California 493847 Yes Susan and James
AimVogue LA, California 485494 No Goldstar Fashion Findings
ArtOfFabricFolding Wendell, North Carolina 482907 Yes Julia Sharkadi
SVGCUTTABLES Missouri, United States 482502 No Jennifer Peek
AcornandCrowStudio Fort Collins, Colorado 481395 Yes Fel
ThePlantGuru Plainfield, New Jersey 477569 Yes Plant Guru Inc.
MrRui 470484 Yes Rui
PaddingPaws 468844 No Elite Design
SHEMISLI Vancouver, Canada 467419 No SHEMISLI
HouseOfGemsInc Anaheim, California 466893 Yes House of Gems
ExpertOutfit 459761 No Alan Saluck
TheBeadChest Santa Monica, California 458605 Yes thebeadchest
delezhen Boston, Massachusetts 455769 Yes Masha
RivermillEmbroidery Spring City, Tennessee 455699 No Joe and Amanda
GlitterWithGraceCo Houston, Texas 444510 No Ashley
BM25Jewelry LA, California 438608 No Dee Love
Keptsake Albany, New York 435923 Yes Florence
SoGoodSoWood 435859 Yes Andrew
SmartParts Hurst, Texas 435818 No SmartParts
WenPearls Yiwu, China 435615 No WEN
ArrowGiftCoLtd Liverpool, United Kingdom 432548 Yes Arrow Gift Co
KatherineDream United States 429115 No Kate
Thevelvetacorn 428680 Yes Heidi May
Beatti Toronto, Canada 427627 Yes Cindy
FabulousRocks Folsom, California 426984 Yes Fabulous Rocks
Nbeads Shanghai, China 422088 Yes Sean
ZellajakeFarmGarden Sanford, Florida 420949 No Team ZJ
OnceMoreWithLove Vancouver, Canada 419402 No Margaret
LouMarksPresets Boise, Idaho 414487 No Lou Marks Presets
MayaHoney Trnava Region, Slovakia 414352 Yes Maya-Honey
SilverPost Las Vegas, Nevada 414279 Yes Sarah Sidranski
Craftyrific Prosper, Texas 412972 Yes Craftyrific
UnmeasuredEvent Denver, Colorado 408854 Yes Tash
TheCoffeeMonsterzCO Surrey, Canada 408642 No Helen


Key Takeaways and Resources

The article’s comprehensive overview of top Etsy sellers showcases their remarkable ability to merge creativity with business acumen, setting the stage for exceptional online success. By highlighting the diverse range of products and innovative marketing strategies employed by Etsy’s leading sellers, the article underscores the importance of uniqueness and customer engagement in the digital marketplace. This expanded insight into the success stories on Etsy not only celebrates the platform’s vibrant community but also serves as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to carve out their niche in the world of e-commerce.

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Moreover, our List of 35+ Seller Tools for Marketplace Sellers presents a curated selection of essential tools for sellers across various marketplaces, enhancing efficiency and sales potential. Together, these resources form a comprehensive toolkit for anyone looking to succeed in the competitive world of online selling.

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